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E: info@wakelinhouse.co.nz
P: +64 (6) 304 8869
A: 123 Main Street, Greytown

Open: Thu - Mon from 5:30pm
Closed: Tue & Wed
About Us

At Wakelin House we produce a delicious range of gourmet products. We use the finest ingredients,
and source local produce wherever possible. To order our products call Dave or Helen on 06 3048869 /
027 5077 001. We can also be contacted via email, gourmet@wakelinhouse.co.nz.
Our products can also be purchased from the Masterton Famers' Market, Saturday mornings
8:30am - 12:30pm and the City Market in Wellington, Sunday mornings 8:30am - 12:30pm.

Our products include:
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Aioli - Green Herb 200ml
Aioli - Caper & Chive 200ml
Aioli - Chilli & Lime 200ml
Aioli - Lemon & Dill 200ml
Aioli - Original 200ml
Aioli - Sesame & Ginger 200ml
Aioli - Smoked Paprika 200ml

Anchoide 120ml
Balsamic Syrup 250ml
Fromaglio 200ml
Greek Yoghurt 380ml
Green Goddess Dressing 200ml
Tartare Sauce 200ml
Tzatziki 200ml

Family Size Meals
Large Fish PieFamily Size
Lasagne Family Size 1300gm

Russian Fudge - Vanilla Bean 200gm
Russian Fudge - Ginger 200gm
Russian Fudge - Pistachio 200gm
Russian Fudge - Chilli 200gm
Russian Fudge - Xmas Pudding 200gm SEASONAL

Meal Pouches
Take Home Ready Meal Pouches 750gm indicate variety required

Typical Take Home Ready Meal Pouches Varieties :- Irish Stew, Beef Bourguignon, Beef & Ale Casserole,..

Pate - Brandy & Walnut 200ml
Pate - Green Peppercorn 200ml

Pies: Savoury & Sweet
Small Savoury Pie/Individual Quiche - indicate variety required
Large Meat Pie - indicate variety required

Typical Meat Pie Varieties :- Beef/Chicken with Caramelised Red Onion, Mustard, Mushroom, Spring Onion, Cranberry, Cheese. Wild Venison. Roast Lamb & Mint. Wild Boar,..

Large Fruit Pie - indicate variety required

Typical Fruit Pie Varieties :- All with Frangipane in base, topped with either Flaky Top, Crumble or Coconut Crumble - Apple, Peach, Apricot, Pear, Berries etc;

Traditional Pork Pie

Large Quiche - indicate variety required
X-Large Quiche - indicate variety required

Typical Quiche Varieties :- Smoked Salmon & Brie, Roasted Pepper & Mushroom, 3 Cheese & Italian Herbs...

Large Soup - Various 1000ml indicate variety required
500ml indicate variety required

Typical Soup Varieties :- Minestrone, Spicy Chicken & Kumara, Pea & Ham, Pumpkin...

Biscotti 200gm
Bread & Butter Pudding 300gm
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Mini Meringues 70gm
Panforte 200gm
Raspberry Coulis 200ml
Sicilian Apple Cake
Summer Pudding 220gm
Large Cake Iced - indicate variety required
Large Cake Not Iced - indicate variety required

Vinaigrette - Mustard 500ml
Vinaigrette - Tomato 500ml
Vinaigrette - Chermoula 500ml